Do you think Governor Cuomo has overstepped his authority by unilaterally enacted or changed 262 laws in 55 days?


revoke King Cuomo’s

executive overreaches

Do you think that this overreach has all the hallmarks of a tyrannical and authoritarian power grab? History has taught us that if the people are not vigilant, their rights will be seized, eroded, and destroyed for good. If you, like me, want to stand up and protect our Constitution, our way of life, and the God-given rights we all enjoy, then it’s time to make your voices heard.


I’ve introduced a bill to revoke King Cuomo’s executive overreaches and limit his ability to make them again. But I need your help, we need to make as much noise as possible so every patriot, American, and defender of liberty hears that this bill is pushing back.


Please sign the petition and tell your friends! This is one of the times you read about in history books; we cannot be lax.

Thank you for adding your name!