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The Issues

I've lived all my life in the East Aurora area, and after college,

I moved right back home. There's nowhere else I'd rather be. I'm so happy to be able to raise a family here, build a small business and now represent my neighbors in Albany. With nearly two decades of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate our complex state government, and get things done.


-David DiPietro

2nd Amendment

Dave is a renowned voice in the pro 2nd Amendment movement across the whole of New York State. From widespread action in the NYS Assembly working tirelessly to ensure that our constitutional rights are protected, to traveling the length and breadth of New York speaking to experts, concerned gun owners, and law enforcement Dave is resolved to protect the 2nd Amendment from any and all infringement. Even going so far as sponsoring the bill in the Assembly that would revoke the unconstitutional SAFE Act.


As one of the Republicans endorsed by NYSUT 4 years in a row Dave stands firmly with New York’s teachers. He is a leader in the fight against Common Core as it takes the keys to success away from our teachers and strangles our student’s ability to learn. One of the programs he spearheaded is the Read around Lake Shore Literacy program which provides free children’s books. As Dave said, "reading is the key to children’s success and opens up all the doors of the world to intrepid minds!” 

Dave has received much acclaim as an outspoken defender of life in all its forms. He is the leader of the pro-life movement in NYS and has spoken against the immorality of abortion numerous occasions, to the degree of taking the Assembly floor and pushing back against pro-abortion advocates in a series of resounding and moving speeches.
Small Business

Dave is the ranking Republican chairman on Small Business for the Assembly and has decades of small business experience. He knows how the tax structure and mountains of red tape clog the wheels of business and stop hard working people from succeeding. New York is one of the worst states in America for business, and Dave fights hard against constant liberal attempts to make it far worse. As a businessman, his Assembly colleagues often turn to him for advice on vital issues like workers compensation insurance and energy costs.


Dave has been for 5 consecutive years a member of the Farm Bureau’s Circle of Friends. As a representative of one of the most agriculturally dense areas in the state, Dave knows the struggles that our produce and dairy farmers face on a day to day basis. He sponsors the most legislation in the entire New York State Assembly to ensure their needs are met and that they have a strong voice in the legislature.


Millions of people are leaving New York State due to the oppressive tax burden, an issue Dave finds particularly frustrating. He is especially animated about giving our kids and grandkids more opportunities to work and stay home in the Empire State, with their families. Dave has fought his way to the fore in pushing back against Albany’s destructive tax policies, and is a loud and effective voice for his constituents on wasteful government spending, over taxation and job-killing regulations.

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