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Parade at Wyoming County Fair

be the exception!

change the present...preserve the future.

John Adams once wrote to Benjamin Rush, a fellow statesman, that, "Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives." How true that remark remains, despite it being 200 years later. We can talk all we want about the downfall of various principles we hold dear, such as the ones written out in the Constitution, or the underlying idea of patriotism - but what action are we willing to take? Effectual change begins with the individual person. It then spreads throughout local communities, then counties, then states, and eventually...a whole nation. There is a movement awakening to the sinister plans of the political left. A tidal wave of patriots who no longer want to accept status quo and be quiet. You are a part of that. I am a part of that. Together, we will rise up. We will stand up. We will advance. And most importantly, we will not back down. Bravery and courage, not despair or cowardice, belongs to patriots in this hour of our nation's history. Let us hold fast!

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