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Albany Legislative Update - April 5, 2024

Floor News

Emergency Appropriation Extender

• The Assembly and Senate passed a bill (A.9762) in order to provide emergency appropriations for the support of the government between April 1st and April 8th (vote: 147-0).

Drug Testing Pregnant and Post-Partum Women

• Due to vigorous Assembly Republican debate and opposition, the Assembly Majority was forced to lay aside a bill (A.109-B) prohibiting non-emergency drug or alcohol testing or screening of a pregnant woman, a woman who is up to one year postpartum, or a newborn without meeting specific written and oral informed consent requirements.

Community Notice and Engagement Regarding Hospital Closures

• The Assembly passed a bill (A.1633-A) prohibiting a general hospital or certain units within a general hospital from closing without the hospital’s operator providing at least 270 days’ notice to the Department of Health and holding a public forum at least 150 days before the planned closure date (vote: 118-29).

Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Coloring

• The Assembly passed a bill (A.1903-A) directing the Office of Renewable Energy Siting, in consultation with the Department of Environmental Conservation, to establish uniform standards and conditions for the coloring of a major renewable energy facility’s wind turbine rotor blades in order to avoid or minimize bird collisions, amid an ongoing study on this issue involving a western U.S. grid operator, federal agencies, and others (vote: 99-49).

Child-Sensitive Arrest Practices

• The Assembly and the Senate passed a bill (A.3502) that directs the Superintendent of the State Police and the Municipal Police Training Council to develop, maintain, and disseminate to State and local law enforcement, written policies and procedures regarding child-sensitive arrest practices when the parent, guardian, or other person legally charged with the care or custody of a child less than 18 years old is arrested (vote: 85-63).

Dealer Mandate to Initiate Recall Repairs

• The Assembly passed a bill (A.6549) that requires motor vehicle dealers to search for recalls on used

vehicles and make or cause repairs to be made to satisfy the recall prior to selling the vehicle (vote: 96-51).

~ The Minority requested a slow roll call to be taken.

Committee News

Children and Families

• Despite unanimous Republican opposition, the Children and Families Committee reported a bill (A.8923-A), which specifies that law enforcement must immediately notify a parent or legal guardian prior to a child being taken into custody. A child is required to be taken to his/her home, the station house, or another agreed upon location when a law enforcement officer reasonably believes a parent or legal guardian will appear for the child, and if an officer believes that no parent or legal guardian will appear, then the child must be taken to Family Court or the most accessible magistrate for his/her first appearance.

~ This bill was reported to Codes.

Week In Focus

• On Tuesday, Assembly Republicans, along with their Legislative Colleagues, joined the New York Chapter of “Run for Their Lives” at a press conference calling for the release of 134 hostages being held in Gaza.

• On Wednesday, Assembly Republicans, along with their Senate Republican Colleagues, held a press conference calling on the Governor and Democratic Legislative Leaders to prioritize public safety in the state budget. To view CLICK HERE

• Also on Wednesday, the Assembly passed a resolution (K.1065, Palmesano) memorializing Governor Hochul to proclaim April 2024, as Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Month.

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