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Albany Legislative Update - January 25, 2024

Floor News

Maternal Health Bill Package

The Assembly passed the following maternal health-related bills:

• A.733-A – Requires healthcare facilities to provide a list of their “policy-based exclusions” (including if such facility does not perform abortions) to the Department of Health (DOH) for publication on the DOH website (vote: 97-49).

• A.2656 – Prohibits insurers from charging a fee or penalty to pregnant women who enroll in the State health insurance exchange at any time beyond the enrollment period (vote: 145-0).

• A.2870-B – Requires the development and publication of guidance and standards for incorporating maternal depression screenings into routine perinatal care (vote: 144-2).

• A.3865-A – Requires certain insurers to provide coverage for prenatal vitamins (vote: 146-0).

• A.4927-A – Attempts to limit medically unnecessary cesarean sections by requiring providers to inform maternity patients about the reasons for performing a cesarean section and the associated risks (vote: 146-1).

• A.6168-A – Allows any expectant or new mother being admitted for delivery and/or post-delivery inpatient care at a hospital or freestanding birthing center to designate a doula to whom she may have access at all times (vote: 148-0).

• A.7606 – Allows a birthing patient to have a doula in the operating room during a cesarean section when no other support person is available (vote: 147-1).

• A.8207-A – Requires the Commissioner of Health to convene a Maternal Health Care and Birthing Standards Workgroup (vote: 147-0).

Village Incorporation Process

The Assembly and Senate passed the following chapter amendments relating to the incorporation of villages:

• A.8572 – Amends Chapter 774 of the Laws of 2023 by lowering the required population to incorporate a village from 2,000 to 1,500 inhabitants (vote: 97-51).

• A.8573 – Amends Chapter 773 of the Laws of 2023 by requiring a study to address the fiscal, service, and taxation interests of the population that would constitute the residents of a newly incorporated village, imposes a $250 village incorporation fee payable to the Department of State, and decreases the minimum number of inhabitants required to create a village from 2,000 to 1,500 people (vote: 97-51).

o It is important to note that these amendments effectively carve out an exception for the pending village of Ateres in the towns of Thompson and Fallsburg (Sullivan County) as well as the village of Edgemont in the town of Greenburgh (Westchester County).

Committee News


The Codes Committee reported the following chapter amendments:

• A.8558 – Amends an anticipated chapter of the Laws of 2023 (A.3340/S.3161 – Delivered to the Governor on 12/27/2023) which removed the penetration requirement from the crime of Rape in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees and repeals the crimes of Criminal Sexual Act in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees (i.e. forcible oral or anal sexual conduct) and merges these provisions into the rape statutes. This chapter amendment makes clarifying references to the repealed sections of law so as not to disrupt prosecution or the procedural process associated with those crimes and specifies that such repeal must not be construed to apply retroactively. It also clarifies that offenses committed prior to the effective date be punished according to the provisions of law existing at the time of the offense. Changes the effective date from January 1, 2024, to September 1, 2024, and applies to any offenses committed on or after that date.

o This bill was reported to the Floor.

• A.8569 – Amends Chapter 709 of the Laws of 2023, which created the definition of “mass shooting” for DCJS funding purposes. This chapter amendment redefines “mass shooting” to mean an incident in which at least four people are murdered with a firearm, rifle, or shotgun. Further clarifies the Office of Victim Services’ powers and duties when responding to mass shootings or any other incident of terrorism or mass violence. Makes crime victim service programs that are operated at the local level, available to victims of mass shootings or of shooting incidents in which four or more people are injured.

o This bill was reported to the Floor.

Click here to view the Assembly Republican Review Committee’s 2023-24 Legislative Agenda.

Week In Focus

• On Monday, Assembly Republicans held a press conference with stakeholders to voice opposition to the Governor’s Executive Budget proposal ending the provision of “hold harmless” for school funding assistance that will lead to a reduction in school programs and services. To view the press conference, CLICK HERE

• An additional press conference on the same topic took place on Thursday on Long Island • This week’s Joint Legislative Budget hearings were Health (1/23), Transportation (1/24), and Public Protection (1/25). For archived footage of the hearings, CLICK HERE

• Next week’s Joint Legislative Budget hearings are Economic Development/Arts (1/30), Workforce Development/Labor (1/30), Human Services (1/31), and Elementary & Secondary Education (2/1).

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