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Albany Legislative Update - March 28, 2024

Floor News

Debt Service

• The Assembly and Senate passed the Debt Service Budget Bill (A.8802).

Emergency Appropriation Extenders

• The Assembly and Senate passed two bills this week in order to provide emergency appropriations for the support of the government between April 1 and April 4 (A.9667) and to extend certain DMV fees for two years and extend various scope of practice authorizations for pharmacists and nurse practitioners for two years (A.9668).

Vietnam Veterans Day

• The Assembly adopted a resolution (K.1024) memorializing the Governor to proclaim March 29, 2024, as Vietnam Veterans Day in New York State.

Diaper Ingredients

• The Assembly passed a bill (A.43-C) to require a printed list of all ingredients to be listed on diapers sold in the state, and imposes a civil penalty of 1% of the manufacturer’s total annual in-state sales not to exceed $1,000 per package on the manufacturer (vote: 128-22).

Definition of Population for Local Representation

• The Assembly passed a bill (A.892) to require local governments to draw local legislative districts based upon the total number of residents, not the total number of citizens or registered voters (vote: 94-56).

Inspection Station Notification

• The Assembly passed a bill (A.2304) to require an official inspection station to post a sign or a poster informing customers that it is not authorized to inspect certain altered motor vehicles (stretch limousines) without a Department of Transportation exemption letter (vote: 104- 46).

Gender Balance in Public Authority Appointments

• The Assembly passed a bill (A.5212-A) requiring entities charged with recommending appointments to the board of a state or local authority to make recommendations to such boards that are gender-balanced (vote: 112-38).

Committee News


• The Banks Committee reported a bill (A.9588), entitled the Buy Now Pay Later Act, authorizing the Department of Financial Services to regulate lenders offering buy-now-pay-later loans and instituting various consumer protections. These loans essentially consist of credit extended to a consumer at the time of purchase of goods and services, provided that the consumer will not be subject to any interest, penalty, discount, or consideration for such credit.

~This bill was reported to Codes.


• The Energy Committee reported a bill (A.8869) to institute the “Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station Implementation Plan” and give the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, in consultation with the New York Power Authority, Departments of Transportation, Environmental Conservation, and Public Service, and the new 13-member Fast Charge NY Working Group, six months to develop it.

~This bill was reported to the Floor.


• Despite unanimous Republican opposition, the Housing Committee reported a bill (A.7906-A), which makes it unlawful for a landlord to implement or use automated decision tools, including those that employ artificial intelligence, for the purposes of screening applicants for housing, unless a disparate impact analysis is conducted by an independent auditor to assess the impact of using such automated decision tools.

~This bill was reported to Codes.

Week In Focus

• On Monday, Assembly Republicans, led by Leader Barclay, along with their Senate Republican Colleagues and Congressman Marc Molinaro, held a press conference with “Voices for Seniors” to mark the four-year anniversary of the Department of Health’s COVID Nursing Home Order, and renew the calls for the longawaited independent review of the state’s COVID response. To view CLICK HERE

• On Wednesday, Assembly Republicans held a press conference to raise concerns over squatting-related incidents happening throughout the State, and to highlight legislation (A.6894, Blumencranz) that would add “squatting” to the definition of criminal trespass and strengthen the rights of New York State property owners. To view CLICK HERE


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