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Assemblyman DiPietro Shares Forewarning for Upcoming Legislative Session

A Statement from Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora)


“Albany liberals have not been able to balance a budget in decades and now hardworking New Yorker's can expect to pick up the tab, again. From the Democrat majority, we can expect tax hikes, which will barely chip away at an alarming deficit brought on by bloated progressive policies. Expect the governor to, yet again, try and undermine local zoning code, climate radicals to erode our liberties in the form of forced electrification and, lastly, a continued trend of soft-on-crime policies that are leaving law-abiding residents vulnerable.


As your assemblyman, I vow to represent your voice and stand in the way of a harmful progressive agenda. It’s time we save our state!” said DiPietro.


Jan 15

I’m concerned about the future of wood and coal burning in our state. I can’t tell you how many families rely on this type of fuel to keep their loved ones warm. I know it’s on the chopping block and I want to do something about it. Can you tell me if there is a bill concerning banning the use of wood and coal in NY?

David Dipietro
David Dipietro
Jan 24
Replying to

Between the Clean Energy Bills regulating production of stoves, etc...and use of gas and also Senate Bill S1695, there are a few different methods Albany is using to try and eliminate these options. It's absolutely ludicrous.


Jan 04

Thank you Mr. DiPietro.... you are surely made for this hour (and many more).. With God for us, who can be against us.. Dan Little

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