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Back to the Stone Age: A Progressive Model on Climate

Back to the Stone Age: A Progressive Model on Climate

A Legislative Column from Assemblyman Dave DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora)

New York’s progressive zealots want to put us back in the stone age. As much as you may believe this is hyperbole, I wish it were.

In their nebulous and asinine quest to rid the world of anything that remotely resembles a fossil-fuel or releases gas into the atmosphere when used as a fuel source, New York’s socialists would rather have your family burning candles for light and riding horses to work as long as it’s better for the environment.

They’ve even gone so far as to rage a war on home-brewed coffee because of the energy it supposedly uses to make that delicious morning pot of java.

Taking their advice from Greta Thunberg, progressives in our state are moving full-steam ahead with their radical climate plan this year. Everything from confiscating and banning natural gas-powered stoves and heating devices, mandatory electric lawnmowers and Caterpillar machinery run solely on batteries is on the table.

The result of all this forced electrification? Rolling blackouts, record-high electric bills and home-heating devices that don’t last one day past first winter’s frost.

Our energy czars have even admitted that electric heat pumps don’t work in cold weather and our wind projects pitched as “revolutionary economic drivers” have barely gotten off the ground while Norwegian companies reap millions in state subsidies on the backs of New Yorkers.

Don’t be fooled. Electrification is not the future, it’s the past – and climate extremists would rather chain themselves to a maple sapling about to be bulldozed over than see you heat your home with affordable and safe natural gas.

Our infrastructure simply isn’t ready for full-blown forced electrification, and even if it were, utility companies can’t provide every single household, business, school, hospital and every other dwelling with electric power all at once because they know transformers across the state would explode and sub-stations would become amateur fireworks shows overnight.

Greta Thunberg and co. are so hellbent on “green energy” and electrification, just like most liberal ideas, they either ignore or cover up the deadly consequences of doing so. Taking statewide policy advice from a teenager makes New York’s green new nightmare no different.

It was not too long ago that progressive tree-huggers paid to make climate policy here were waging a war on gas-powered vehicles as the biggest polluters. Now it’s buildings and gas stoves.

What changed? Has Gov. Hochul been at war with city real estate developers or is she just getting her palms greased by her friends at Tesla?

I guess for Greta, Hochul & Co. the facts change depending on the conclusion of your argument, not the other way around.

As these climate wack-a-doos run their course in Albany, I’ll be exposing their lies, cover-ups and falsehoods as usual and will always have you and your family’s back against this absolutely moronic “green” transition and electric fire waiting to happen.

Assemblyman David DiPietro represents the 147th Assembly District, which covers all of Wyoming County and the southern portion of Erie County.

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19 mars 2023

Don't know how you appeared on my screen but I am so glad.

Enough is enough........holding steady

In God We Trust

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