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DiPietro Calls for Urgent Criminal Justice Reform

Minority Conference introduces a series of public safety bills in wake of tragic loss

In the wake of the tragic killing of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) joined his Assembly Minority colleagues to discuss the devastating consequences of New York's bail reform. Officer Diller, a dedicated public servant, lost his life in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop at the hands of a criminal who was arrested 21 times prior. The tragedy highlights the urgent need for comprehensive reform in our criminal justice system.


“The senseless death of Officer Diller is a stark reminder of the havoc wreaked by career criminals emboldened by misguided leniency. New York's criminal justice system has failed our communities, prioritizing the rights of criminals over the safety of our citizens,” DiPietro said.


DiPietro echoes the urgent call for reform put forth by his colleagues, advocating for the imposition of a Dangerous Standard and the restoration of judicial discretion. “The solution is clear: repeal bail reform. Our communities demand it, our safety depends on it,” DiPietro emphasized.


As New Yorkers continue to suffer the consequences of flawed policies, DiPietro stands firm in his commitment to restoring accountability and safety to our streets.


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