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DiPietro Challenges Back-Breaking Green Mandate for School Buses

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) is co-sponsoring legislation introduced today (A.8447) to delay a back-breaking mandate requiring school districts to transition to zero-emission school buses starting in 2027. This bill would create a less aggressive deadline of 2045 to help schools navigate the complexities and significant expenses of transitioning entire fleets of heavy-duty vehicles to electricity.


            “This is a horrible political agenda that prioritizes culture war nonsense over our children. Green mandates such as this one have the potential to bankrupt some school districts with high costs. It is estimated that delivery costs alone will increase up to $60 million per year statewide. In addition, the technology is not there yet for this to be implemented. Range issues and infrastructure concerns could prove disastrous in a New York winter storm. Albany needs a reality check,” said DiPietro.

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