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Ending the Squatter Nightmare: DiPietro Fights for Property Rights

Updated: Apr 3

A Statement from David DiPietro (R, C - East Aurora)

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) stands against the insidious scourge of squatters infiltrating New York neighborhoods. Recent harrowing accounts have underscored the urgent need for action, including the horrifying murder of a New York woman by squatters occupying her deceased mother's apartment and the unjust arrest of another woman facing charges for attempting to reclaim her own property from squatters. Assembly Bill 6894 aims to add “squatting” to the definition of criminal trespass, providing landlords with the legal recourse needed to remove unauthorized occupants from their properties.


“Squatters are not mere nuisances; they are predators preying upon the hard-earned investments of homeowners. I had a resident right here in the district endure an 18-month nightmare as he fought to evict squatters from his property, enduring nearly $90,000 in damages before ultimately selling the house, vowing never to venture into the rental market again,” said DiPietro.


“Their brazen disregard for property rights imperils the safety and security of our communities. I have rehabbed a number of houses myself and I am always concerned I’m going to find someone in the house. I will not stand by idly as these communists in Albany trample upon the sanctity of property ownership,” DiPietro concluded.

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