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Give Me Pizza or Give Me Death!

Climate Extremists and an Erosion of Trust

There is an inherent erosion of trust that occurs when the ends do not justify the means. It undermines the integrity of institutions and individuals alike when unethical methods are employed to achieve a goal. We are witnessing first hand here in New York as a result of the state's forced electrification.

Recently, we saw yet another radical move from downstate liberals, targeting wood and coal-fired pizza ovens in the city. The smoke from wood and coal-fired pizza ovens is hardly consequential to the city's unrealistic emissions goal. This would affect many of New York's oldest and most iconic pizza joints, but the climate fanatics do not care.

Progressive environmentalists take no issue with destroying multi-generational, family-owned businesses. They are world savers, in their own eyes, too unaware and blinded by their self-flagellating ways to see the damage they cause. They are content with rolling blackouts and record-high electric bills so long as it is in the name of Mother Earth.

Climate extremists are so hell-bent on appeasing the green mandate that they carry no regard for energy security, technological readiness, cost implications, and especially, social equity. This is what happens when a group of people view themselves as morally superior to others: they infringe on liberties and ignore any challenges created by their draconian mandates.

The financial burdens placed on residents as a result of the state's arbitrary green mandates is staggering. Electric stoves or induction cook tops are not only expensive to purchase, but also come with higher electricity costs. For working class families struggling to make ends meet, this transition is a slap in the face.

Electrification forces families to choose between putting food on the table or adhering to green mandates. Couple this with irresponsible government spending , high taxes, and a bloated state budget, it is no wonder why New York is facing a population exodus matched by no other state.

This rushed implementation of bans and mandates disregards the practicality and infrastructure challenges that lie ahead. Is the electrical grid capable of handling the increased demand from widespread electric stove usage? Are there sufficient charging stations and reliable energy sources to support this forced transition? New York's lack of ability to prove so only showcases the state's negligence of the consequences of its actions.

The state's heavy handed approach is an affront to personal freedom and individual rights. It's an infringement on our ability to make decisions for ourselves and our families. We should have the freedom to choose our energy sources practical to our needs, without being coerced or demonized.

New York's green energy agenda has become tyrannical, trampling personal liberties and economic prosperity. It has left doubts about its sincerity and the fairness of its intentions. It is up to us to expose their lies and falsehoods: our way of life depends on it.


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