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Remington's Exodus: A Symbol of New York's Economic and Freedom Loss

A Statement from Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) on Remington closing shop

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) shares his remorse and frustration over the announcement that Remington, the nation's oldest gun manufacturer, will close its New York factory after 208 years of operation. The decision to move to Georgia follows RemArms’ strategy to consolidate operations in a state that champions the firearms industry. The move will affect approximately 300 employees and the Ilion community. New York state is currently facing a population exodus matched by no other state in the country. Crippling regulation, a bloated state budget and a massive deficit coupled with extreme Second Amendment overreach is costing the state yet another proud manufacturer.


“New York's gun-grabbing communists have driven yet another proud manufacturer out of our state. The exodus of Remington, fueled by oppressive regulations and Second Amendment overreach, is a damning indictment of Albany's failed policies. Our state is hemorrhaging population and businesses, while Albany progressives prioritize virtue signaling over economic prosperity. It's time to wake up, the state’s current trajectory is not sustainable. Until we rein in government overreach and embrace the freedoms that made America great, New York will continue its downward spiral,” said DiPietro


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