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While we are grappling with the medical and economic consequences of this crisis, we can literally invest in our local economy by buying gift certificates from local businesses. Operation Gift Certificate provides revenue to businesses impacted while allowing us to stop the spread of coronavirus. Buy a gift certificate from a local business today which will help them survive this unprecedented challenge. Then you can enjoy what the local business has to offer when we have finally defeated the coronavirus. We are gathering businesses now and will update our list every day! If you want your local business to participate in Operation Gift Certificate, email your business name, address, website, hours, how you want to be contacted (phone and/or email) and take out/delivery options to: In addition to adding local businesses to the Operation Gift Certificate list, we would like to help further promote our participants' businesses with videos. *Optional* Participants may email a one minute video describing their business and we will distribute the video to the community through social media and email marketing. Videos will be

pushed out in the order they come in.

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