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Details on New York state budget remain hidden more than 3 weeks after due date

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) supported his colleagues in both the Senate and Assembly Republican Conferences at a press conference addressing the delayed state budget today on the Million Dollar Staircase in the Capitol. Now nearing a fourth week of delays, discussions continue behind closed doors while key details are kept hidden. Gov. Hochul has tossed billions of dollars at the Democrats to get a deal done but there is seemingly never enough money for progressive leftists to spend.

“Single-party rule and the partisan politics that come with it do not work for New Yorkers. In another example of Albany dysfunction, the governor failed to rein in her leftist counterparts, failing on housing and caving on spending billions of dollars. After five extenders we still do not have a budget that addresses affordability or public safety. Progressives in Albany would rather wage wars against banning gas stoves and flavored tobacco than tackle issues residents have repeatedly asked for. The unilateral power held by Albany liberals has failed to offer a cost-effective, serviceable budget that works for the residents of this state,” said DiPietro.

Assemblyman David DiPietro represents the 147th Assembly District, which covers all of Wyoming County and the southern portion of Erie County.

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