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Left of Left: Ineffective Single-Party Rule Delays Budget

A Legislative Column from Assemblyman Dave DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora)

Another week has concluded without a state budget, facing its longest delay in 13 years. The Republicans have been left in the dark while our radical counterparts have “progressive” discussions on furthering their repressive agenda. All efforts made by Republicans to create real change for New Yorkers are killed in committee–-stonewalled by Democrats as a result of single-party rule.

There have been two main components dividing Democrats in Albany; housing and bail reform. Gov. Hochul was trying to force 800,000 housing units on local communities in a rather Orwellian manner—pushing for a fast-track process that would’ve entailed an overrule on local opposition and zoning code.

This strong-arm approach, of course, did not include plans to combat housing costs in the form of taxes and state debt for current homeowners. No, the progressive left does not care about the consequences that are occurring while their internal battle wages.

The state has been strangling small businesses out of existence. Unfair regulatory burdens and rampant inflation, on the heels of inane COVID shutdowns have only furthered the challenges small business owners have to endure. Progressives in Albany would rather ignore the debt- and tax-ridden dystopia they’ve created while small businesses are forced to close their doors.

As for bail reform, Ms. Hochul may be well intentioned, but she is a weak leader and everyone in Albany knows it. She’s an ineffective micromanager by many news reports and her lack of political gravitas and persuasion is preventing a compromise or even a win on this issue. New Yorkers are pleading for safer streets and communities, but these cries have fallen on deaf ears as radical, social-justice liberals are persistent in emboldening criminals.

The state is facing a wave of violent crime, yet the progressive left has the audacity to remove consequences and accountability in the form of radical cashless bail laws. This sends a dangerous message that will fuel the current trajectory of crime in the state, putting the residents of New York in danger.

In case leftist leaders in Albany were not incognizant enough, radical liberals are pushing for yet another tax increase. And for what? Prohibition on gas-powered stoves and health care for illegal aliens? High taxes and the cost of living have been driving out businesses and individuals for too long. Although out-of-touch liberals in Albany will try to tell us otherwise.

The current delays and state of the budget are unacceptable. Single-party rule has resulted in a complete lack of focus. It is time Democrats wake up and take on fiscally-responsible management that addresses the cost of living, get tough on crime and create a budget that will benefit all New Yorkers, not just those in power.

Assemblyman David DiPietro represents the 147th Assembly District, which covers all of Wyoming County and the southern portion of Erie County.


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