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The Clean Slate Act: DiPietro Warns of Risks to Public Safety

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) strongly opposes the Clean Slate Act, and has expressed his concerns about the legislation's potential impact on public safety. In response to Gov. Kathy Hochul signing the Clean Slate Act into law, DiPietro voiced his apprehensions, highlighting the significant consequences he believes the legislation will have on community well-being.


DiPietro points out that the Clean Slate Act, which aims to seal criminal records and limit access to past felony and misdemeanor charges for employers and landlords, poses a serious threat to public safety. The bill will hide the criminal records of dangerous felons, including those involved in manslaughter, assault, robbery, domestic violence and drug trafficking, from public view.


“Blanket restrictions on access to criminal records undermine judicial discretion and the legal system’s ability to consider the unique circumstances of each case. This goes against the principles of justice and fairness our legal system should uphold,” DiPietro said.


“What does this mean for schools and nonprofits working with vulnerable populations? Clean Slate makes it impossible for these organizations to assess the true safety of individuals working in proximity to such groups, which poses a risk to the well-being of students and vulnerable communities.


“We need transparency and accountability. Criminal records are essential information for employers, landlords and organizations working with at-risk populations. The Clean Slate Act directly opposes these principles and will compromise public safety by limiting access to crucial information for informed decision-making,” said DiPietro.


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