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United in Service: Making a Difference for Our Veterans

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) distributes winter wear for homeless veterans

Assemblyman David DiPietro (R,C-East Aurora) believes that as Americans, it’s our collective responsibility to care for those who have sacrificed so much for our country. That’s why he recently took the opportunity of joining forces with former gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin to distribute winter wear to homeless veterans and their families through the initiative Zeldin Cares, which is a testament to their commitment to uplifting underserved communities and supporting those in need across New York.


The mission of Zeldin Cares is simple yet profound: to empower and uplift underserved communities through a range of initiatives aimed at improving quality of life. From veterans’ organizations to homeless services and food pantries, they are dedicated to addressing pressing issues like homelessness, public safety and small business growth.


To reduce cold weather injuries among the homeless population in the district, DiPietro gave out winter wear to the homeless veterans and their families. Through partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits, Zeldin Cares aims to make an immediate impact and provide much-needed support during the harsh winter months.


But for DiPietro, this is more than just a charitable endeavor, it’s a symbol of patriotism and community. It's about recognizing the sacrifices made by veterans and honoring their service by ensuring they have the support they need. It’s about coming together as a community to lift each other up and create a brighter future for all New Yorkers.


In today’s world, where divisiveness seems to be the norm, Zeldin Cares serves as a beacon of hope and unity. Regardless of political affiliations or backgrounds, we can all agree on the importance of taking care of our veterans and those in need. It’s about being good Americans and embodying the values of compassion, empathy and generosity.


As we move forward, David DiPietro is steadfast in his commitment to delivering the leadership needed to make a difference for our communities in Albany. Together, we will continue to tackle pressing issues and work toward a brighter future for New York.


From veterans’ issues to homelessness, public safety and economic mobility, DiPietro is ready to meet these challenges head-on. And with the help of Zeldin Cares and its institutional knowledge, you can make a lasting impact and create positive change through volunteer opportunities.


In the end, it’s about coming together as one community and one nation to support those who need it most. Together, we can build a better future for all New Yorkers and uphold the values of patriotism, community and being good Americans.

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