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Unmasking the State's Sinister Gun-Grabbing Agenda

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

A Legislative Column from Assemblyman David DiPietro

New York State's impending Concealed Carry Application Process and Criteria, set to take effect on Wednesday, September 13 2023, has incited fierce backlash from staunch defenders of individual liberties. The new legislation will require a state-enforced background check, fees, and additional red tape for the purchase of ammunition. It casts a long, ominous shadow over its true intention, leaving gun-store owners questioning whether they can survive the state's latest and most draconian gun-grabbing effort to date.

The creation of a statewide license and record database for ammunition transactions is redundant next to the federal NICS check; this does nothing to further public safety and will be a drain on taxpayers' dollars. If leaders in Albany genuinely cared about public safety, perhaps we would be targeting criminals instead of sending non-vetted migrants to communities across the state.

This horrible legislation serves no purpose other than to burden gun shows and gun stores out of business. Each ammunition transaction will now require extensive filing and background checks, taking as long as 10 or more minutes per transaction. This significant increase in administrative workload is designed to strain the resources of gun store owners and discourage individuals from participating in gun shows due to time-consuming processes.

The 31- point inspection imposed on gun stores is not only vague, but also financially crippling. One store owner in our community estimates compliance will cost at least $45,000 for their store and well over $100,000 for others, a staggering sum for any small business. Failure to comply with these stringent regulations could result in fines and criminal charges, forcing responsible store owners out of business. Multiple gun stores have already closed their doors for good in the district citing the looming new law as the reason why.

This heavy-handed approach will not enhance safety, but instead suffocate the very businesses that provide lawful access to firearms. The sinister goal of these professional liars in Albany is to frustrate and discourage gun store owners into quitting, taking away their livelihoods in the process. This bill does nothing to save lives, in fact, it has the real potential to further flood the illegal firearms market.

Furthermore, the introduction of a $2.50 fee for each ammunition background check raises concerns about the state's interventions. This fee will undoubtedly increase in the future creating a financial burden for law-abiding gun owners. The state is using this legislation as a pretext to impose taxes and fines on both gun stores and gun owners, a deeply troubling and unconstitutional move.

Soon it will cost $100 to buy a box of ammo. Liberal Democrats in Albany have been sworn to uphold the constitution, but year after year they vote for unconstitutional bills such as this. These legislators, communists, are not upholding their oath of office when misguided, overreaching legislation such as this is forced on constituents via their unilateral party power.

The diversion of State Police resources away from addressing rising crime rates, due to failed bail reform and soft-on crime policies, to managing an unnecessary and duplicative background check system is foolish. It will likely exacerbate crime problems rather than alleviate them. Liberals in the city will tell bold-faced lies while gun violence soars downstate. They are continuing to embolden criminals to take lives.

The revenue collected from background checks and ammunition taxes is claimed to fund programs to prevent gun violence, but we have seen corrupt money grabs like this before from the left. These programs never work because they never address criminals. This money will undoubtedly go towards more socialist programs and wasteful spending. Taxing responsible gun owners during a time of economic uncertainty and government overspending is unjustifiable. None of their ideas are protecting people, only hurting them and leaving residents vulnerable.

The NYS Concealed Carry legislation is a perilous move toward excessive government control, fiscal irresponsibility, and the decimation of small businesses. It infringed upon the rights of law-abiding citizens while achieving nothing in terms of public safety. My communist counterparts means it when they say pro-gun conservatives have no place in New York.

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